Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Reporting history. As he saw it happen.

Hands-on, “breaking news”, eyewitness history, anyone? Try Durga Das’s India From Curzon to Nehru and After (Rupa & Co, New Delhi, 2004, Rs.295/-). Or, if there’s a Strand Book Stall near you, Rs.236/- only. It’s one of the best ways of updating one’s knowledge of recent history. Durga Das’s writing, happily enough, is objective, sane, even-keeled, fast paced – and without rancour or malice even when he’s telling a tale of the wickedest villainy. He has told whatever happened as he “saw” it happen. As an Associated Press of India employee and a close associate of KC Roy, the news syndication pioneer in India, right from the time of Curzon’s viceroyalty, Durga Das apparently had an intimate access to the high and the mighty. He used his opportunity to advantage and did a great job of news gathering and dissemination for a long, long time. The book is an insider’s take on and a view from the wings of twentieth century Indian history. Absolutely edge-of-the-seat reading, far more exciting than the most thrilling of thrillers! Read a sample excerpt here: http://www.hvk.org/articles/1196/0039.html.

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