Friday, May 26, 2006

Pop 'n’ mom of spam.

Quickly now! Were Canter and Siegel, the ill-fated immigration lawyer couple from Phoenix, Arizona, black-hearted villains or pioneering heroes? Depends entirely on your World Wide Web view, I daresay. Given my interest in the Net qua an advertising 'medium', I can't help feeling they did us all a fabulous favour by testing its advertising potential, under the most trying real-life conditions on the Internet – including much abuse and not a few death threats, a while before WWW came to be a reality. The notorious US Government Green Card Lottery caper was nothing but classic off-line interruption marketing transferred willy-nilly online. The Pop and the Mom of Spam have since been divorced for reasons unknown if one were to read between the lines of Paul Festa’s Spam: 'Happy' tenth birthday. There, Martha Siegel is referred to as Laurence Canter’s “then wife”, i.e., at the time when they (Martha in absentia and by default) spawned the Net ‘s Public Enemy No.1 on 12 April 1994 – in fact, twelve years ago as of now, come to think of it.,39025001,39119938,00.htm?nl=d20040414

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