Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Back from oblivion. The Last Gandhi Movie.

The ways in which the universe functions never fail to amaze me. I had bitched before online about how the website for my unpublished novel, The Last Gandhi Movie, so kindly hosted by the earlier marketing team at DBS Internet was killed when that team suddenly left the company. I didn’t have a back-up copy – because I didn’t take care as is my wont to be vigilant and provide for the worst. Try as I might, I couldn’t find anyone who had that precious commodity. So, I said to myself “So what? It ain’t the end of the world no way.” Or something of that sort. (Nope, I didn’t. But it sure sounds dramatic, doesn’t it?) Anyway, I carried on regardless. (As if I had an alternative!) Vinay Satyan who had finally managed to shape the website wrote from the US where he’s now working to ask about the virtual whereabouts of The Last Gandhi Movie. I directed him to The Wayback Machine http://www.archive.org/ where a few scattered remains refused to perish. http://web.archive.org/web/*/addgandhi.com/*. Then suddenly out of the blues (or greys, if you feel The Last Gandhi Movie ought to be in grainy black and white – not glorious Technicolour) popped up an angelic apparition (or so it seemed to grateful me). Now this particular Angel used to be so fond of football – like all Bongs, I reckon – that he promptly started threatening to stay up late to watch the Euro Championship (mid-2004) and root as always for Germany. What’s more, he promised in the same breath to burn a CD of The Last Gandhi Movie not only for me but for Vinay too. (He used to be with the marketing team that quit from DBS Internet.) The Angel is no more, people, but The Last Gandhi Movie is back. You can see it in its entirety (well almost) at http://www.addgandhi.com/original/. [Please turn off Popup Blocker or its equivalent software to enjoy the beginning.]

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