Friday, May 12, 2006

Out to scalp. No cavalary in sight.

If this is not the height of irony, what is? Look at the evidence, folks. One: The much-vaunted world’s No.1 democracy was created by cheating, brutalizing and robbing the Red Indians who were the original inhabitants of the land that Columbus mistook for India. (The Indian State is no less ruthless, mind you, having callously reduced to penury farmers and Adivasis with little or no land and banished them from the Indian mainstream. [Related link:]) Two: In the American pop culture, the Red Indian continues to be portrayed as a vicious villain and a savage brute. Three: now the ‘cradle of democracy’ has met her nemesis in an Indian specie – Brown for a change – hailing from the land Columbus was trying to reach. The challenge is in the digital arena. BPO, a natural outcome of free trade and globalisation, is making the Great White Hope whine foul play. About the shabby treatment meted out to the American Native Indians, Rob Schmidt of Blue Corn Comics writes in his recent IndianComicsIrreular newsletter as follows: “On July 21, 2003, the VH1 music station debuted its list of the ‘200 Greatest Pop Culture Icons’. … Unfortunately, no one with more than a smidgen of Indian blood made it.” [Time to pause, boys and girls: doesn’t this ‘Indian’ lament from the US of A give off a wee whiff of Mandalism?] About the Great White Whine, Carly Fiorina, the hen CEO of HP, said in a 7 January 2004 news conference in Washington, D.C.: ”There is no job that is America's god-given right anymore." Amen!

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