Thursday, January 14, 2010

Losing the plot.

The last time I met Avantika, Ashu’s younger daughter, was when she came here last November-December to attend a big fat Punjabi wedding in her mother’s family. It was then that, in my time-tested arrogance, I had the temerity to recommend to her Padosan as a comedy worth watching. She had already seen it. “I didn’t like it, Dada,” she said matter-of-factly. It suddenly dawned on me there and then that this business of the older generation’s experience benefitting the younger generation is a non-starter. Avantika is a Digital Native from New Jersey. I’m at best a Ludditesque, reluctant, late-adopting Digital Immigrant ill at ease in the fast changing world. In other words, my experience is of no use, value or consequence to her. For her, it’s maybe cool to pay Rs 320/- to see 3 Idiots in a multiplex and an extra Rs 50/- for a tub of pop corn. For me, it’s idiotic, nay criminal. Get the drift?