Saturday, June 10, 2006

Takes all sorts … (An ad buying masterstroke, you think?)

Once upon a time not so long ago, I used to be a regular reader of the 'Laughmeister.Com Presents Art Buchwald' newsletter. Three ads appearing in it regularly had caught my eye – and my fancy. One of them promised me 'breakthrough' hair regrowth and seemed bang on target. (If you see me or my picture, you’ll get my drift.) The second ad about anti-aging and improved sexual performance choosing the newsletter to reach me made sense too. It was the third one that puzzled me no end. I could not bring myself to believe that among Buchwald readers lurked alien life forms aspiring to possess 'LARGER, FIRMER, SEXIER BREASTS! As Seen on TV, Womens (sic!) Magazines, Talk Shows and Talked about in every coffee shop in the country.' I shouldn't be bitching, I guess. It takes all sorts to make the world, doesn't it? Like to have your funny bone tickled? Try these Art Buchwald quotes: His 8 June 2006 column:

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