Friday, June 23, 2006

Not another Royal Canadian Air Farce surely?

First, the post-Presidential sequel: Clinton plumbed his Random Access Memory and unleashed on the unsuspecting world his weighty 957-page autobiography, My Life, a couple of years back. According to the 21 June 2004 story in, one copy of the tome “fell off a bookstore shelf in Portland, Oregon today, killing three people and seriously wounding five others.” What really happened? Answer from the report: “From what we can tell, it just kind of tipped off a high shelf," said police detective Mark Drayton. "How on earth anyone ever got it up there is still a mystery to me." Moral of the story: "This book is more than just deadly boring – it is deadly," said Oregon Governor Ted Kulongoski. Really? More deadly boring than the present incumbent of the White House who reportedly “shot himself in the foot the other day while showing off a pistol that once belonged to Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein”? P.S.: Another ‘reliable’ dispatch (24 June) reveals a diabolical White House plan “to outsource prison abuse to India”. They’re "actively exploring the possibility of establishing a telephone calling center in Bangalor (sic!) that would harass Iraqi detainees at all hours of the night with highly annoying telemarketing inquiries.” Shudder!

Now, the latest pre-Presidential prequel: You are aware of the political ambitions of the present New York senator and former First Lady surely. She wants to run for the White House. It looks like it may turn out to be a case of Hillary proposing and God - er, Bill - disposing, though. Scuttlebutt says, Bill has a new girl friend. She's Canadian. She's wealthy in her own right. She's powerful. She's divorced. She's blond. She's photogenic. She's astoundingly well-connected. She's a floor crosser from Conservative to Liberal. And, she's his junior by two decades. The tabloid's are going to town tagging Belinda Stronach "blonde bombshell" and "Bubba's blonde" ("Bubba" as in "Bill"). One more thing. Unlike Hillary, Belinda is a quitter. She dropped out of the run-up to the Liberal Party leadership after sizing up the competition.

Finally, a personal and unrelated Indian post-script: By the way, if my memory doesn't fail me, there used to be in my distant youth an ad agency called LA Stronachs. Their office used to be at Ballard Estate, the port precincts of Mumbai. It later became, I was told, Norvicson Advertising. Its office now is within walking distance of Strand Book Stall as well as of its original location. The agency is presently headed by an energetic young adman who is a friend of my friend, Deep Bisen.

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