Thursday, June 15, 2006

Eyes only. Art advice and addresses. Priceless!

My friend, Sanat Surti, is sure to appreciate this post. For art connoisseurs, here’s Raymond Mortimer’s advice on the art of seeing (The French Pictures: A Letter to Harriet, c. 1932) and a list of art websites, both gratis. Mortimer explains how an artist ‘sees’ and how art lovers should look at paintings: “A painter … goes on being surprised. He … can see objects divorced for the moment from their purpose, origin, and meaning. He sees like a man blind from birth who suddenly recovers his sight. It would be the most thrilling experience to spend one day seeing the world as Claude or Renoir saw it.” Next the list of URLS as promised: Monet Vincent Van Gogh Camille Pissarro Auguste Renoir Paul Cézanne Who was Raymond Mortimer? Good question. He was a British writer, critic and literary editor whose full name was Charles Raymond Mortimer Bell. He also worked for the Foreign Office and wrote fiction while living in Paris in the twenties.

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