Friday, June 02, 2006

R. I. P. The new rip-off. (‘P’ for ‘Prosperity’, not ‘Peace’.)

True or false? There are crypts and crypts of money waiting to be made after death. Especially if you happen to be a celebrity. Maybe Shri Manoj Night Shyamalan can throw some light on the mystery. Jokes apart, though, has definitive live evidence that death may be "the optimal career move" for some famous folks. Better dead and rich than alive and poor, what? The late and much lamented Elvis Presley, for instance, earned $ 37 million when a funked-up version of A Little Less Conversation was used in a World Cup television ad in June 2002 and reigned for four weeks as the No.1 single in the U.K charts. Charles ('Peanuts') Schultz was a not so close second at $28 million. Other prosperous estates are John Lennon ($20 million), Theodor ('Dr. Seuss') Geisel ($19 million), George Harrison ($17 million) and JRR Tolkien ($12 million) among many more. (Don’t miss the slide show, The Recently Departed Celebrities Slide Show.) P.S.: Where there’s prosperity, can there be peace of mind? Ask an Indian Idol.

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