Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Plan B.

Middle India loves its wayside chaat and pani puri, never mind Ankita's on-camera whistle-blowing leak. Sharp-eyed Ankita Rane spotted the culprit at mischief from the window of her Naupada home in Thane. Her family and neighbours were skeptical when she told them. To prove her credibility, she videocammed the bum. Now her story is she was following her conscience according to her Afternoon Despatch & Courier (11 May 2011) interview. A little white lie? Memory lapse? Who knows? Meanwhile, the culprit’s excuse to his erstwhile customers was the lack of a urinal within easy reach and his reluctance to dirty the clean colony by peeing in the open. Very creditable and civic-minded, don’t you agree? Moral of the story: if you must patronize a roadside chaat and pani puri seller, at least make sure there is a public toilet nearby. Another healthy hint to Middle Indians who drool over Chinese food: never pick a fight with the restaurant owner if you don’t want to be served soup garnished with his fresh, just-cleared-the-throat spit. Moral of the story: skip the soup; better still, skip Chinese altogether if you're in a pick-a-fight mood.